First example: a quartet of yotsumono

New Year and All That

New Year
2016 remains hidden
in the fog

in it's own good time
the star goes back in its box

following tradition
sporting Brits build a bridge
across Kwai

after the waltzes
skiers settle for artificial snow


for fog's sake!
a drunken voice yells
I Will Fix You

did I dream this?
I must have been asleep

oh, Kwai!
blood that red
will signal the enemy!

and still we complain


stripped to their needles
Christmas trees fly
out the windows

after the rush another one back

low flying planes
this is how the sky
gets cut

what these hands can grip
windblown fog


“Try to see it my way”
“See what?”
“The fog, man, the fog!”

neither blue nor purple
this merciful haze

selective memory
I was born as a giant

too exhausting to celebrate
New Year every nano second

(published by Failed Haiku #2, 2016)


Second example: built on a solo rengay skeleton

oh yes
there's the silence of snow
as well

gotta get out of here
I'm drowning in prettiness

one man, one cricket
when the moon rises it'll be
one beast, one (silent) cricket

stick to one and miss the rest?
you gotta be kidding me

not to hurt my tongue
I'll call it sunset

in the mouths of dead poets
that is where
they fish

ah, but la belezza, it's there
it's always there

when I dissolve
let it be to the notes
of a slow bossa


Third example: mixing a five line verse into a rengay-ish structure:

mercy isn't mentioned
in the law text

that mass of shadow
isn't it a blackbird?

into the white
following footprints
not mine

the 'realer than real' colours
of early cinemascope
how well they fit
and Saint Tropez

by moving a chair
the world changes

a day of silence? not really
it was full of Haydn's string quartets

hoar frost
a name becomes part
of the dictionary


Fourth example: a one-line haiku sequence


tethered to time the intonation Miserere

could you do this for me pause the spring?

lower than the lowest that's where it starts

as far as I get stardust looking at stars

with little effort the word in world dug out

tableau vivant mud you walk like you walk

well into Kali Yuga red cushions for our sofa

it sounds like rain she said like rain

what's in these pills is a slow growing rose

depending on the glasses it's 1 or 8

what we forget about Ouroboros it's impossible”

mornings it's worst the fog's undecided

(publ. A Hundred Gourds)

Fifth example: a sequence of three-line haiku

A couch in Kali Yuga

a city drowns in invisible wasps
I cough alone on a couch
in Kali Yuga

on the thinnest branch
a nuclear plant
for the fun of it

cuddle a baby tree
the wind is still
on Tinfoil Hill

while you're at it
you must milk
the volcano

building a fire in a house
of get-well cards

to eat the mountain
we dig out radiant pearls
from a mother's wounds

expecting a ”click” I hear a ”clack”
the castle in the mountains
enveloped in darkness

by Battery Lake
a young boy
taken over by fungus

petrol moon
I play a bone flute
among sleeping dogs

we make love to produce nothing
on a couch in Kali Yuga
our cells are beetles

in a growing desert
we write “water”
with pink boulders

a four armed man
who isn't Shiva absorbs
invisible chemicals

no food to speak of
porcupines, hippos, jelly-fish boiled
in milk from a stone

turning into a cactus
I give off pollen
large as houses

(publ. Taj Mahal Review)

Sixth example: acrostic sequence:


Looking for an alchemist
to reverse the laurels
turned to lead

”Enough with the postponing
get me done”
says the laundry

Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay
for as long as the Universe

Hark, ye winged beasts
dining on my banana.

Ach Mensch
Mare Nostrum turns
to Mare Plastic(um?)

“Revolution is continuous”
I try to liven up
an ice-cube

I thought water-melons
already were boneless

Years upon years
stringed together
by electric guitars

Seventh example: a sequence of one-line haiku using the same phrase in each of the verses

after the last train shadows compare ticket prices on the station


after the last train the warning bells go off for no one


after the last train we put our heads back in their hats


after the last train the rails keep going


after the last train the last of the immortals die


after the last train darkness heals up again


after the last train trees stay trees


after the last train we sign our names on selected rain drops


after the last train we draw moustaches on cats' faces


it's a snail and it will crawl long after the last train has passed


after the last train all there's left is to beat our one-beat drum


after the last train we become pulp again


the bottom falls out the half empty glass after the last train


after the last train light becomes an act of man


play that blues the wait is long after the last train


after the last train we search for the words for the je-ne-sais-quoi


after the last train that's when the myths of the next one takes shape


after the last train we pin down raindrops

Needless to say these are just a few example, a few variations, of solo linked verse/haiku sequences. How to do it is up to you and the what the material calls for. The only thing holding you back is your imagination ;-)

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