Tuesday, June 12, 2018

the mudskipper   

a rogue wave
engulfs the cove, I too 
am heavy bored 

hey, boatman! just try 
not to piss upwind 

in a dark alley 
the scent of redemption 
is fearsome heavy 

oh, the delectable warmth
of embracing failure 

sunshine, sunshine
when the frost is just too bright
to bear 

I want to consider myself
generous enough. not so 

a frog lying still
on a leaf
if spring is just a dream; 

the memory of flowers 
musky with death.

the nape of your neck?
that is something else

rather, the gentle hum 
of a bumblebee 

is it too late
to throw away 
the moon? 

to cast our lots and garland our ears 
with sprigs of osmanthus? 

God called,
he wants
his complex back— 

time unfurling in fractals, 
an i for an i 

hit the snooze button
and call me back
next century 

or the beginning of the beginning; 
let's not speak of endings 

stiff upper lip 
rain falls on the withered moors 
of Wales 

walking the blood stained, 
bustling streets of Baltimore 

I've lost all ability
to conceptualize tragedy— 
almond flowers 

silence is golden, so in our parting
may you leave here all the richer

Clayton Beach

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