Friday, February 5, 2016

One Link Chain

One Link Chain

One Link Chain is a zine for haiku(-ish) sequences/linked verse written by one person i.e. solo sequences/linked verse.

One Link Chain is for solo rengay, solo yotsumono, solo tan renga and such short 'formal forms' (and you can play around with those, but if you use one of the “formal forms” please respect their inner dynamics) but also for sequences of 3-line haiku, 1-line haiku, X-line haiku (as haiku can be in any mumber of lines to the extend that one word – or one syllable - can make up a line). It's for sequences of yotsumono (more yotsumono in a sequence/series), of cherita, of any of the shorter forms that can make up a sequence. Or any kind of structure you might think of.

One Link Chain will not accept tanka sequences, but you can add 5-line verse (gogyohka/gogyoshi) to your sequences. On the “samples” page there are examples (go figure) of how a sequence/series mixes a more traditional “3 lines - 2 lines” verse sequence with a gogyohka/gogyoshi (meaning: 5-line verse; 5-line verse aren't necessarily tanka).

You can submit published and unpublished works. The purpose with this zine is to provide a space for the possibilities in series, sequences and solo linked verse.

For inspiration of “linked forms” see Ai Li's web-site and click “linked forms”.

For rengay see: (Michael Dylan Welch)

Experiment to your heart's delight!

And as always: Be a pirate, not a parrot!

Send submissions to giovanni(at)megaga(dot)dk.

Works will be published as they get accepted.


Johannes S. H. Bjerg

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