Sunday, February 21, 2016

deconstructing waves

still we mimic
each other's gait the dance
from behind unrhymed

pretending we know
a maraschino cherry

a throb on asphalt
rises to a groan of ankles
twisting phraseology

how to spell chiaroscuro
one step backward

word puzzle
of splattered state lines
a shadowy portrait

naming the waves
a surfer debones sunset

in a clam shell
tucked under clouds the lies
about Venus

the trunk axed in half
who bared Orion’s grated heart?

I wonder
about Jupiter's wide girth
through blue-hazed eyes

should we buy the guide
to walking with hermit crabs?

roped drop pearls 
on my aunt’s neck a talisman
against twilight

the moon sipping waves
my landlady’s tortoise bed

Alegria Imperial

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