Tuesday, June 12, 2018

the mudskipper   

a rogue wave
engulfs the cove, I too 
am heavy bored 

hey, boatman! just try 
not to piss upwind 

in a dark alley 
the scent of redemption 
is fearsome heavy 

oh, the delectable warmth
of embracing failure 

sunshine, sunshine
when the frost is just too bright
to bear 

I want to consider myself
generous enough. not so 

a frog lying still
on a leaf
if spring is just a dream; 

the memory of flowers 
musky with death.

the nape of your neck?
that is something else

rather, the gentle hum 
of a bumblebee 

is it too late
to throw away 
the moon? 

to cast our lots and garland our ears 
with sprigs of osmanthus? 

God called,
he wants
his complex back— 

time unfurling in fractals, 
an i for an i 

hit the snooze button
and call me back
next century 

or the beginning of the beginning; 
let's not speak of endings 

stiff upper lip 
rain falls on the withered moors 
of Wales 

walking the blood stained, 
bustling streets of Baltimore 

I've lost all ability
to conceptualize tragedy— 
almond flowers 

silence is golden, so in our parting
may you leave here all the richer

Clayton Beach

Saturday, May 14, 2016

brain clouds

just now in > empty fields...
lazing overhead
brain clouds

said of a > mid spring bird
...quickened pecks
at grass-fed bones

meanwhile in > far off forests
imputing despair
on a burnt sky

I bear witness to > hospice tiles
loosening tongues…
of cockatoos

and in my inbox > buntings tweet
re…tragedies made up
of shadows

while sniffing > a scent of steam
I recognize
a poet’s clingy cuffs

sometimes i taste > a yolk helium sun
in the belly of oceans
booming malignant doubts

in the end, I, > scurrying on a million feet
in train tracks
…velvety creation
Alegria Imperial

Saturday, April 30, 2016

On My Way

each window a mirror
I wait with Hildegard of Bingen
for the dawn

blackbird appears
we bow and I go on my way
singing with the dead
Sheila Windsor

Thursday, April 7, 2016


the blandness unsaid of beach sand turns up as hair

colour slow drips from a grinning toothbrush with  bristles

like one to stitch up clattering teeth or else a bee dives

and silences skid row rumours of rumoured rumours

about the dunce hanging stippled heads breaking heads over blues

as on a dashboard the wiper erasing incomplete moons

a moongate clamping down on ill tempers

so why not swivel the mind seated in the brain unsaid of elephants

unless a pea between the ears starts to peel off

or teeth grinding the wrong root and darkness blathers

through a keyhole where the sun streams onto a fly

liquefying in rhubarb pie

Alegria Imperial

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Morse coded: already…

bulbous with late
spring clouds
cold sun cajoling
sprouts to flex
black eyed Susan-s

tete-a-tete daffodils
their rumoured dejection

purple crocuses
unknowingly glossing over
baby storms

declared a birth defect
how cedars surrender to wind

innocuous sky edge
the unconvincing shape
of earth

a hemorrhage of blooms
thought-dead magnolia

shifting sun orbits
top of the chosen
Uranus' counter nature

Alegria Imperial

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


beginning to widen the stain on the wall

over the moon and back a leafless branch's shadow

reading into everything you say cold war

emerging from my mind black hole

doodling a memory the size of my fist

Shloka Shankar

Sunday, February 21, 2016

deconstructing waves

still we mimic
each other's gait the dance
from behind unrhymed

pretending we know
a maraschino cherry

a throb on asphalt
rises to a groan of ankles
twisting phraseology

how to spell chiaroscuro
one step backward

word puzzle
of splattered state lines
a shadowy portrait

naming the waves
a surfer debones sunset

in a clam shell
tucked under clouds the lies
about Venus

the trunk axed in half
who bared Orion’s grated heart?

I wonder
about Jupiter's wide girth
through blue-hazed eyes

should we buy the guide
to walking with hermit crabs?

roped drop pearls 
on my aunt’s neck a talisman
against twilight

the moon sipping waves
my landlady’s tortoise bed

Alegria Imperial